WhatsApp Transparent APK MOD v10.20 Free Download (Version Feb 2023)

WhatsApp Transparent
NameWhatsApp Transparent
Genre Social Media
OS RequiredAndroid 4.0+
MOD InfoVersion Feb 2023
Updated May 26, 2023 (2 days ago)
Download (42M)

WhatsApp Transparent is an alternative development of the original WhatsApp that incorporates functions such as a see-through interface and new emojis

special features

WhatsApp Transparent APK Download: There is no need to explain WhatsApp as you all know that WhatsApp APK Download is one of the largest platforms for chatting and sharing pictures, videos, live location, and many other exciting things to do. WhatsApp transparent APK is a modded version of WhatsApp that is developed by GBPlus developers. It has been developing these modded versions for many years, and these modded versions have allowed people to gain better features than the original WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Transparent APK Download

The previous modded versions were full of these exciting features, but some users complained of the presence of various bugs and viruses in those versions. This is the latest version of WhatsApp transparent APK Download GBPlus APK, and in it, we have tried our level best to reduce the bugs and viruses as much as possible, and it has anti-ban features as well.

WhatsApp Transparent

What is special in WhatsApp Transparent APK?

The question arises what’s so special in WhatsApp transparent APK Download and why should you download this application on your mobile phones? The answer is really simple that this modded version of WhatsApp allows you to do various things on your phone which the ordinary version does not allow you. Also, this newer version with special features and free of viruses and bugs. And the performance is so perfect so why should we not install this modded version of WhatsApp transparent APK GB Plus and enjoy these exciting features without the slowing of mobile performance?

WhatsApp Transparent APK info

When we developed an application we try to give you the best information so as to allow you to know all about the application and in this given paragraph we have explained the application of WhatsApp transparent, the version, the Android required to download this application and its update. It requires a proper Android version for running and if you do not have the Android version of the same compatibility, this application is not for you and we recommend you not download this application.

APK Features

WhatsApp transparent Apk Download GBPlus has many exciting features that convince us to download this application on our mobile phones. The features are more enhanced than in the previous versions. It has fallen features mention below:

  • There is the presence of mirror WhatsApp
  • There is the presence of a transparent display
  • Presence of a large number of different themes
  • Do not disturb mode activation
  • It has better performance
  • Anti revoke functions
  • Customization options for customization of chats and notifications
  • You can send large files using WhatsApp transparent APK GB Plus
  • Improved privacy options like hiding online status
  • Improved hidden functions
  • You have an option to send files more than 1 GB size
  • Large size videos can be sent to your friends
  • Audio up to 100 MB can be sent using WhatsApp transparent GB Plus APK

Download GBPlus Transparent APK

If you have read the information which is mentioned above regarding that application and if your phone is compatible with that Android version of an application, this application is definitely for you. you can easily install this application by the downloading link given at our site. Click on the downloading link and install this application on your mobile phone to enjoy the coolest features of WhatsApp transparent GB plus APK.

WhatsApp Transparent

Explanation of features

Below there are given a complete explanation of the New and enhanced features of WhatsApp transparent GB plus APK. You can get through these features before downloading this modded version on your smartphone.

Improved Performance and the User Interface

WhatsApp transparent has improved functions and efficacy like never before. It is one of the best-modded versions of WhatsApp developed up till now and the interface option has a very smooth running. It allows your phone to run smoothly without hanging frequently and allows you a good performance overall with better photo sharing, video downloading, and status updating.

Better Privacy features

WhatsApp transparent GB plus has better privacy options like never before. You can hide your privacy status and online status. You can be online on WhatsApp without letting your friends know that you are online. It allows you to hide online status when you want to scroll all over WhatsApp without chatting and replying to your friends. It also has an option to hide blue text which means you can read the messages without letting the text turn blue. This is one of the best privacy options and forces us to download WhatsApp transparent GPS plus APK on our mobile phones.

A lot better Customization and on a Larger Scale

It has an option for better customization and sending files on a larger scale and allows you to customize the chats and mark important messages with stars. It also allows sending files on a larger scale. Previously it was not possible to send files on a large scale in all previous versions of WhatsApp Plus but the WhatsApp transparent APK version has a better and smooth working with enables you to send the file on a large scale.

Improved Hidden Features

It has features of improved hidden status but you should be ready cautious while using these features as WhatsApp may ban you from using these features frequently. These videos include hiding your online status, not letting the second tick, reading the messages without tick to turn blue, hide your date and time status well, copying and sending the message to your friends. you can hide your online presence. You can even remove the forward tag on forwarded messages while using this improved version.

  • Hide your status view from anyone’s status.
  • We can hide the blue tick even if we see anyone’s message in the chat.
  • Also, we can hide the second tick for the delivered message while using GBWhatsApp Mod APK.
  • We can hide our online status, our active presence like GB WhatsApp.
  • Like FMWA, YoWhatsApp, date and time can be hidden while copying the message.
  • In WhatsApp Transparent, we can hide the forward tag while forwarding any message from someone’s chat. It helps in many cases, pal :p

Better DND mode and Anti-ban system

In the previous versions of third-party developers, the do not disturb mode was not present but it is present in the WhatsApp transparent GB plus APK. When you enable this option no one tries to disturb you as the messages do not reach you on time until you deactivate the do not disturb mode. It sure is one of the best features available over the WhatsApp transparent plus as you do not receive the messages when you do not want. WhatsApp transparent is a modded version of WhatsApp and is developed by third-party developers and Not by official developers of WhatsApp. If WhatsApp sense any illegal activity going on it allows an application to get banned. a new version of WhatsApp has the feature of an anti-ban and you are less going to get blocked by official WhatsApp developers.

WhatsApp Transparent

Media sharing on a large scale

WhatsApp transparent GB plus APK allows you to share media files on a large scale. Previously, it allowed you only 30 photos to share with friends at a time but now it enables you to send more than 100 pictures at a single time. You can send the audio of more than a hundred MB over WhatsApp. These features are really exciting so you should download the WhatsApp transparent on your mobile phones to enjoy these fabulous features.

Installation guide for WhatsApp Transparent APK

Below it is given complete installation guide for WhatsApp transparent GB plus APK

STEP 1. Enable Unknown Sources

First of all, before the installation of WhatsApp transparent APK go to the settings of your mobile phones and then go to the privacy options and enable unknown sources downloading. Once you enable these unknown sources, you are allowed to download this application in your Android devices.

STEP 2. Go to downloads

after allowing download from unknown sources go to the files in your mobile phones and open the WhatsApp transparent GB plus and there it will be downloaded

STEP 3. Install GBPlus Transparent APK

after downloading WhatsApp transparent APK click on that application after opening the files in your phone. There will be an option for the installation of this application. Allow installing this application. Once it is installed, you’re allowed to use the features of WhatsApp transparent APK.

How to update the WhatsApp Transparent APK?

If you have to download the WhatsApp transfer GB plus APK you should be free from the headache of updating the WhatsApp transparent. It is not an official application of WhatsApp and is developed by third-party users. It is not available on Google Play Store and the users have to download it directly from the web. All the installation guidelines have been described above and you do not need to worry about the update of WhatsApp transparent Gb plus APK as it gets downloaded automatically as soon as the Google play store is updated. You can click on that update option on the web and your application will be updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

GB plus APK is safe to use?

We talked about WhatsApp transparent GBPlus and it was sure that it does not contain any virus and it is 100% safe and without any harm to the device you can easily download this application on your mobile phone. Get free of the worry about the safety of this device as it does not threaten your data or other applications running on your mobile phones.

Will I be banned after using GBPlus?

GB plus is not developed by the WhatsApp developers and is developed by third-party developers. You are prone to get banned by using GB Plus if you use one of the privacy pictures more frequently. So it is advised you do not use one feature more often as WhatsApp may find you and block you from using this application. Also, it advised using your temporary mobile phones while using GB plus so that even if you get banned, you do not get much damage.

Which are better GBWhatsApp or GBPlus?

What’s up transparent GB plus is definitely better than to OGWA as it has more enhanced features like do not disturb mode, hiding online Status, reading the messages without turning ticks blue. If you want to install between these two, we recommend you download GB plus as it is better than the GBWA.

Why GBPlus is not on the Google Play store?

GB plus application is not developed by the official developers of WhatsApp, and it is developed by third-party users, so it is not present on Google Play Store. For getting GB plus you have for downloaded the key from the web and not Google play store as it is not available there.

WhatsApp Transparent

The final verdict

Hey pals! In the leading by an article, we have tried our best to give you the best of knowledge about WhatsApp transparent GP plus APK features and performance. if you are interested in enjoying the coolest feature of WhatsApp ever, what are you waiting for? Download this WhatsApp transparent GB plus APK in your mobile phone and start enjoying these features.

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