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WhatsApp Sniffer
NameWhatsApp Sniffer
Genre Social Media
OS RequiredAndroid 4.0+
MOD InfoVersion Apr2023
Updated June 2, 2023 (2 days ago)
Download (611KB)

Best WhatsApp Spying App – WhatsApp Sniffer for Android is currently one of the best and most used WhatsApp spy apps around the world. The latest version of this app has many advanced features which everyone will find useful.

WhatsApp Sniffer & spy tool 2022

What if I tell you that you can check other people’s Whatsapp data. Maybe you won’t believe it. But it’s true. You can view anyone’s Whatsapp info by using Whatsapp sniffer and spy tool if you both are using the same internet connectionIn this article, we will highlight what this apk is all about, its features, downloading and installation procedure, and how to use it.

WhatsApp Sniffer

Whatsapp sniffer apk is a reliable android application that you can use to check other people’s Whatsapp data. It is one of the best social apps to view someone’s activity on Whatsapp.

As you already know that Whatsapp is the most growing communication app that almost everybody is using. Now the problem is that nobody knows about someone to whom he is chatting on Whatsapp. Here Whatsapp sniffer comes and provides you with the facility to check on Whatsapp data. There are 17+ languages in the app. After using this app, you will love this amazing app.

Parents should also use this app to check their children’s activities on Whatsapp. They can check their sent and received messages without getting physical access to other devices. But the internet connection should be the same. Otherwise, the app will not work correctly to gain data from official Whatsapp. You can also check fmwhatsapp 2 for your android phone.

WhatsApp Sniffer

There is no direct method to view other people’s Whatsapp info because Whatsapp has very high security for its users. Using Whatsapp sniffer is the only way you can get data from Whatsapp.

There are some other methods you can find on the internet to check on Whatsapp, but most of them are paid. This app is available free of cost, and you don’t have to pay any single rupee for it. You can also try whatsapp spy apk.

Features of Whatsapp sniffer APK:

User-friendly interface:

The interface of the app is very user friendly, clean, and straightforward. The user does not feel any difficulty while using Whatsapp sniffer. Unlike whatsapp indigo, you don’t have to sign up before using the app. Just download the apk file and install it on your android device. We will also discuss the downloading and installation method in the coming sections.

Price & size:

This app is free but not available on the Play store. The apk file of this app is available on GitHub and many other websites. We have given you the free download chip and .exe file. There is no need for too much space for this file, and you don’t have to delete the old stuff from your phone to install this one. It’s only 20 MB in size.

Frequent updates:

The developer of the app updates it frequently to bring more advanced features for the users. You can also download the old version of the app from gbhouse. You can also use this app with genshin impact mod apk.

You can also download Whatsapp sniffer on pc.

Import & Export:

The app provides you with the facility to import and export chats from external storage. It is a very fantastic feature that you can use. You have the option to export files from other phones, and you can easily read them without any trouble.

WhatsApp Sniffer

How to download and install Whatsapp sniffer on Android?

To download and install it on your android phone, follow the below few steps.

  • Step 1: Go to mobile setting > Security setting
  • Step 2: Enable the unknown resources
  • Step 3: Download the apk file through the given download link
  • Step 4: Save the file to your Android device
  • Step 5: Now go to the download folder and double click on the apk file
  • Step 6: Click on the install button
  • Step 7: After installing the app, click on finish.
  • Step 8: Open the Google play store and install the app Busy Box in your rooted phone
  • Step 9: Now open the app and enable ARP-Spoof 
  • Step 10: Hit on the start button and enter all the required fields to start checking

Whatsapp sniffer for ios / iPhone?

Many people asked the question: is it possible to run Whatsapp sniffer on ios? The answer is that officially, this app is not compatible with ios devices because there are many requirements for this app to run correctly on any device. You will need a busy box app which will not be available on ios play store. You will also need rooting and many more things. That’s why this app is not available for iPhone users.

WhatsApp Sniffer

Requirements to Install:

There are some requirements to run the app on your device.

  • It works on rooted devices only
  • You will have to download the busy box app from the play store
  • You will have to enable unknown resources from the mobile setting
  • You will need Whatsapp sniffer apk file
  • Wifi connection should be the same
  • You should have the latest android device

Things you can access:

  • Outgoing calls
  • Incoming calls
  • Videos
  • Status
  • Pictures
  • Sent messages
  • Received messages

Whatsapp sniffer Whatsapp sniffer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does WhatsApp Sniffer Really Work?

Yes, it woks perfectly if you fulfill all the requirements as per given instructions.

Can we Spy on WhatsApp free?

Yes, it is totally free and you don’t have to pay any single rupee to get the Apk file.

Final Words:

I do not encourage you to misuse this app blindly. Do use this app only if you want to view your kid’s activities on Whatsapp. I didn’t use this app on my phone, so I am not sure if it works properly or not. You can also read the different reviews about the app. I have gathered all the info from the internet. It’s only for educational purposes, not to harm someone.

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