WhatsApp Mix APK MOD v11.00.0 Free Download (Version Feb 2023)

WhatsApp Mix
NameWhatsApp Mix
Genre Social Media
OS RequiredAndroid 4.0+
MOD InfoVersion Feb 2023
Updated May 26, 2023 (2 days ago)
Download (42M)

WhatsApp Mix is a MOD for the chat and instant messaging app that you can download to your Android device and extends its customization possibilities

security features

WhatsApp Mix APK Download: This is the world of social media. Many multimedia applications have been developed up till now for the users. We are so dependent on this application that our lives seem Impossible without their presence. WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging apps, and we can even share photos, videos with our friends and family. It is a medium through which we can share our feelings with others and check their locations out for reaching the destination correctly.

WhatsApp Mix APK Download

There are many modded versions of WhatsApp developed till now, and WhatsApp Mix APK is one of the modded versions which is developed by third party users. Other modded versions for WhatsApp are GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Mix. In this article, we have tried to give you the maximum information about WhatsApp Mix. Read this article if you want to get all the information about WhatsApp Mix and its features. For more information, you can even visit our site and write your questions in the comment section below if you have any.

WhatsApp Mix

Why use WhatsApp Mix APK?

WhatsApp Mix is a modded version that is developed by third-party developers, and it is not developed by the official WhatsApp developers. It is the modern era of Technology, and adults to children all are dependent upon social media applications for their survival. WhatsApp is one of the social media application which provides you with a platform to talk to your friends anytime, anywhere even across the sea.

WhatsApp Mix APK is the modded version for WhatsApp with enhanced features of WhatsApp, and it has surpassed WhatsApp in many features like anti-ban properties, hiding online status, reading the messages without the ticks turning to blue and customization options as well. Dive in the world of WhatsApp Mix to find out the vast features which it provides you.

Features of WhatsApp Mix APK

There is a large number of features added to WhatsApp mix APK. Like GB WhatsApp and OG WhatsApp have the majority of teachers, WhatsApp Mix has its distinct features which are.

  • There are better privacy options, and you can set your privacy according to your choice and limit your friend circle seeing your life status
  • You can send the multimedia files and other video files on a large scale to many people at a time
  • It has antiban properties that cause you are less prone to being banned by official developers of WhatsApp
  • It has the availability of backup and you can backup your data, contacts, photos, and videos over your Google account
  • You can hide the last seen
  • You can hide your online status even being online
  • You can download the stories and status of your friends and family circle
  • It allows you the customization of different icons over the WhatsApp
  • You can upload the status up to the length of 200 + words. It was not a feature of official WhatsApp previously
  • There are different modification features which are allowed by WhatsApp Mix
  • You can send large files and videos to your friends at a time
  • It gives you a choice of different themes, and you can shift between different themes at a time if you get bored

Download WhatsApp Mix APK Latest Version

Download WhatsApp Mix APK Latest Version by tapping on the download button. On our website, you can find other mod APKs also. You may visit us for downloading mods related to WhatsApp and Instagram. We provide updated APKs and bring the updates as soon as possible.

WhatsApp Mix

What’s New in the Latest Version

WhatsApp Mix APK has improved itself since it was developed. The new version has more enhanced features that were not even present in the old version of the WhatsApp mix APK. For the new features, of WhatsApp Mix APK stay tuned with us.

  • It has new sticker packs available, and you can send different types of stickers to your friends
  • New themes are available, and you can try different themes for yourself
  • You can upload the stories of Instagram to WhatsApp as well
  • The bugs which are present in the older version are absent in the new version of WhatsApp mix APK
  • It is smoothly working
  • There is an option for customization like Bubbles for conversations and icons for notifications
  • New features like an anti revoke and many other features are being updated and will be soon available in other updated version of WhatsApp mix APK

WhatsApp Mix APK features in detailed


WhatsApp Mix provides you with vast multimedia features that involve sending 50 Plus images at a time which was not a feature provided by simple WhatsApp.It also allows you to send multiple files at a time, and by using WhatsApp, you can send large files to your friends. It allows you for the status update for more than 200 words which is not a feature for the official WhatsApp application, and this makes WhatsApp loveable! isn’t it?

Privacy and security

WhatsApp Mix APK is secure; it provides you with the features of anti Ban properties which were not provided by the other modded versions of WhatsApp.As the third-party uses develop it, it is against the terms and laws of security of the official WhatsApp application. If they find these modded versions of WhatsApp they request to block these versions and your account may get blocked temporarily or permanently but if you install WhatsApp mix, you are less prone to getting Ban. It has a maximum number of privacy options. One social media application can provide like you can hide your online status; you can read the messages of your friends without tick to turn blue.


WhatsApp Mix provides you with a customization option along with many other tremendous features. It allows you to customize the icons and marking Bubbles over the conversation and provide you with the icon for different notifications. This is a fantastic feature of WhatsApp and forces you to install this version of WhatsApp on your mobile phones and delete the previous one.

Forward Tag

It has a fabulous feature of the removal of the ‘forwarded’ tag. In the previous version, when you used to forward a message or a picture or a video to your friend there is the word mentioned forwarded on top of that. It is sometimes annoying to us, but the latest WhatsApp mix APK version of 2021 provides you with this opportunity to remove that forward tag, and you can forward the messages without them labeling as forwarded.

WhatsApp Mix

WhatsApp status, themes, stickers and Much More

WhatsApp does not allow you to download the status of your friends and other people in your circle, but if you install WhatsApp Mix MOD APK, you can download the status of your friends. It provides you with a variety of themes, and you can change the themes according to your taste if you get bored. It provides you with a packet of different stickers, and you can use these according to any occasion you want. These features make WhatsApp Mix a different version of WhatsApp from the previous boring version and force us to install WhatsApp on our mobile phones.

Other Features

Other Features Include:

  • Backup & restore
  • Inbuilt locker (fingerprint)
  • Anti-revoke feature
  • Message scheduler
  • Much more

The backup and restore option is the most attractive among all the options as our mobile phones are prone to snatching or we lost it sometimes due to our fault. It loses all your data along with mobile phones. Still, if you have enabled the backup and restore option all the data including contacts, photos, videos, and messages will be backed up on your Google account. If your mobile phone is lost, you can recover all your data from your Google account.

There is an option for fingerprint inside WhatsApp as our friends or family members share our phones. Still, we want to hide our secret messages so we can enable the fingerprint option for security purposes so as not to allow other people to open our phones without our permission.

It has an option for scheduling the messages. You get scheduled messages to your friend anytime, anywhere if you enable the scheduled messages options you will be able to send the messages at a particular schedule to your friends. This feature is a different feature from the other modded versions of WhatsApp and makes our busy lives easier.

Installation guide for WhatsApp Mix APK

Firstly, Click on the downloading option given on our site to download the WhatsApp mix APK on your mobile phone. How long it takes to get downloaded depends upon your internet speed. Then go to the settings of your mobile phone and open security, then open permissions from and then open unknown source installation, enable this option in your mobile phones after downloading the WhatsApp mix APK version Settings, security, permissions, unknown source installation, Enable

WhatsApp Mix

Secondly, After downloading the application, go in the file folders of your gallery and open the downloaded WhatsApp Mix APK version. Long press it and it will give you an option for installation and install this on your mobile phone. Once downloading and installing is complete you can enjoy the features for WhatsApp mix APK in your mobile phones after logging in to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Mix APK

What are the uses of WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?

WhatsApp Mix provides you with fantastic features like anti-ban properties, privacy options, hiding online status, downloading the status of your friends, sharing locations, and forwarding messages without being labeling them forwarded. It has anti revoke functions and allows you customization of icons. You can send large files and videos to your friends and update status lengths up to 200 + words.

WhatsApp Mix APK is safe, will I be banned?

WhatsApp Mix is developed by third-party users and is prone to get banned if WhatsApp finds these accounts as it is against their privacy terms and conditions. It is advised to use a temporary number for using WhatsApp maximum MOD on your mobile phones. We try our level best to provide you with safe applications. it is totally saved, but caution is advised with its use.

How to update WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?

Stay away from the tension of updating WhatsApp Mix. As told you earlier, it is not available on Google Play Store, but it is present on the web, and you can download it from our site. we update the WhatsApp Mix APK MOD version along with the Google Play Store, and it is updated as soon as Google Play Store is updated.

Can I install WhatsApp Mix APK on my device?

Yes, you can install WhatsApp Mix on your device. For installing WhatsApp Mix, you need an Android app version of 4.1 plus. If you do not have this version, you will not be able to use WhatsApp smoothly. so yes, if you have an Android 4.1 + version download, install, and enjoy its features.

Why I am not able to open WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?

WhatsApp Mix once installed is usable. If you are not able to use your WhatsApp Mix, there must be a bug on your mobile phones. firstly resolve that bug problem and if that problem resolves then reinstall the application in your Android phone and you will be able to use it on your phones with ease.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp mix MOD is one of the coolest application over the internet and allows you to enjoy the variety of features which no application gives you. In this article, we tried to help you to the best of our knowledge regarding WhatsApp modded versions like WhatsApp Mix. So what are you waiting for? Install WhatsApp Mix in your mobile phones right now and delete the previous versions full of bugs and viruses. Stay tuned to our site to find out more about WhatsApp Mix APK MOD.

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