Torque Pro APK MOD v1.12.99 Free Download (Full Version Unlocked)

NameTorque Pro
Genre Communication
OS RequiredAndroid 4.0+
MOD InfoFull Version Unlocked
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Updated June 2, 2023 (3 hours ago)
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Torque Pro MOD APK is a mod version of the original application that lets you enjoy the diagnosis and fault codes information extractions as well as the status of the engine parts of your vehicles.

  • Patched
  • Full Unlocked


Through the advent of EMI systems in the financial sectors, as you know that the automobile industry has boomed and has reached the masses, which was impossible without such policies. Now, a lot of people drive various automobiles but have rare information on how they work and their working systems, engine parts, fault codes, dynamometer, direction, GPS, etc. we know that there are many latest innovations inscribed and integrated into the automobile. Still, even then, we don’t have any information about them. Troubleshooting a vehicle, even for professional mechanics and repairing, requires hardware accessories and is quite difficult. So the OBD mechanism comes in all the latest vehicles to simplify the task, and if not, it is a must for you to integrate for a better experience. Now, with the help of professional apps like Torque Pro MOD APK, you can extract all parts, systems, and fault information on your android devices. Simply connect the devices through OBD2 engine management and get all information about the vehicle’s operating system.

Torque Pro

Torque Pro MOD APK gets easily connected to your vehicle and provides all related information about the working and system of the automobile. Now you don’t need to depend on the hardware to connect with the OBD2, but the Torque Pro MOD APK will let you extract everything you can expect of and diagnose. Simply you can control the whole system with Bluetooth and enjoy the drive anytime without any issue as you can check in every detail about the system. It lets you access horsepower, dynamometer, torque, CO2 emissions, temperature, engine capacity, GPS, signals, record journeys and take screenshots, etc., on your android devices. Check drive status and logging information via websites or emails, and unlock HUD for night driving. Moreover, you can fully customize the interface of the application, so it’s better for your understanding.

Torque Pro MOD APK

Torque Pro MOD APK is a mod version of the original application that lets you enjoy the diagnosis and fault codes information extractions as well as the status of the engine parts of your vehicles. Download this modified version for free here and get all the premium functions as well as tools of the app for free without paying any amount of money. Get the best of the features unlocked and accessible in this mod version by having it authentically from here. The mod version comes with several benefits to provide the users with the benefits that meet all the diagnosis demands of the customers. Free from distraction, ad blocking in the interface, and background working accessibility. Security options and measures like antiban properties, antiviral as well as free from bugs, malware-free tested and everything else that you could expect. While installing it, no rooting is needed so that you can enjoy the enhanced variant.

Torque Pro


Torque Pro MOD APK is one of the latest and best applications which lets you diagnose and extract all information about automobiles, including all brands just equipped with OBD2 engine management. For every related query and issue, you can check in here on your android devices and manage the working of every motion. Stay connected to get more information about the application that is discussed below;

Compatible with all brands and categories of vehicles

The application works smoothly and easily on all vehicles, including buses, trucks, cars, etc. and all brands no matter what; the only requirement is that the vehicle should be equipped with OBD2 engine management so you can connect your android devices via Bluetooth and get the best information about the vehicle on every aspect. The compatibility is smooth and easy for everyone to join the app, and the smoothness of the interface brings everything in detail and ease.

Vehicle management and effective control of parts

Torque Pro MOD APK lets you easily control and manage all essential parts and tools of the automobile to get the best information and solve them somehow. It has an ease to bring the actual and authentic information about the vehicle topics. It easily lets you check in about the car features and accessories, nuances of engines and parts, dynamometer, temperature, transmission, HUD at night, CO2 emissions, GPS, Signals, logging information, and other various dimensions of better management. Manage speed, brakes, and accelerator information if the meter is not working and watch the status of parts in the car every way.

Torque Pro

Screen and track recorders, including screenshots

Torque Pro MOD APK has some of the effective solutions for better management that includes parts and engines management, information and diagnosis, troubleshooting and all related. You can also take clips of your journey or record the whole journey with the inbuilt track recorder and share them with everyone on any of the social media platforms. Check logging information via emails and websites, interface controls and management, and take screenshots of all status and information on the interface to share them with anyone on the repairing part. Mechanics will have ultimate ease in diagnosing the vehicle with such connectivity.

Alarms, measure GPS, HUD and customizing.

Torque Pro MOD APK offers management like a pro where you can customize the whole interface and work your way, so it becomes easy for you personally. HUD for night driving, and you can also measure GPS anytime as you like or get the information through signals. All kinds of fault codes and information can be extracted easily, and warnings provide the users with information if some problem arises. Alarm systems make it easy to get all the information about everything.

Torque Pro


Download Torque Pro MOD APK here to get the best information about your vehicles and the status of every accessory and engine part. Accurate information so you can check in and apply diagnosis when needed as that, simply connect with OBD2 management and extract all the information about the vehicle. Join now and bring the ease of driving like a pro without being dependent on anyone for information or hardware. Check all instrumental and parts information, temperatures, dynamometer, etc. In this mod version, get it for free at all levels with no disturbances at all.

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