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Should you ask me in a game that is able to enable you to improve your ability to speak with women that are lovely, I will recommend you the newest game. You are familiar with Professional games. This is actually the writer in Japan. They create games with love stories that are intriguing and exceptional.

Protect my Love

Some excellent Genius matches I’ve introduced to you’re My Dog Girlfriend, My Dragon Girlfriend, My Favorite Girlfriend,… When playing Shield my Enjoy, you do not just find carefully spent tales but additionally, you’ve got the chance to satisfy beautiful 2D women with really cute voices. Who knows you could find the”waifu” within this fun simulation game.

Protect my Love Features

You’ve made your living as an assassin and are well-known throughout the underground for your skill. But you’ve got one policy: You never kill women or children.

One day, you take on what seems like an easy job. Assassinate three wealthy targets before another organization can get to them.

You infiltrate their mansion, ready to complete your mission only to find out the targets are three orphaned sisters that have inherited a fortune…

You decide to abandon the mission, but before you can leave, an assassin from another organization attacks! You easily dispatch of the attacker, but the three sisters approach you with an offer.

“Will You be our Bodyguard?”

They also guarantee to cover you, although you do accept such offers. The women remind one about the sister and you choose to take the offer.

Protect my Love

Will You be Able to Protect the Sisters…?


Julia:- The Mature Oldest Sister
The oldest of the three sisters, Julia can come off a little terse at times, but she cares deeply for her sisters and will do anything to protect them. Even use you! She tends to shoulder all of the burdens, but will you help her be able to learn to trust others more?

Cindy:- The Energetic Second Sister
Cindy’s the wild one of the bunch, but she’s not a fan of how Julia always treats her like a child. However, she does hold a secret admiration for her older sister’s sense of responsibility. Can you bridge the gap between the two of them?

Katie:- The Quiet Youngest Sister
Though quiet on the surface, Katie wants to find the murderer of their parents more than anything. She harbors some resentment towards her sisters for not being as proactive about it, but will you decide to help her on her mission?

Protect my Love The plot

The 3 women ask you to function as the bodyguards, shielding them. They will provide you. Typically, suppliers aren’t accepted by you.

However, your sister is mentioned by three women. And needless to say, you engaged in an intriguing story and approved the petition.

Safeguard my Love gets the exact identical storyline as an action picture. However, this is really a narrative with elements of love. Within this sport, you may play with the Youveve character’s use.

You have is an assassin from the underworld. He hasn’t failed to assassinate a person and is focused, daring. However, he has his own principle, which will be”never hurt children and women”.

1 evening, a contract is received by you. Your job would be to assassinate three children of a family prior to associations. Their parents have expired, they’ll delight in a whole fortune.

However, when you arrive, you understand that these three kids are 3 women. They’re girls, and the rules can not violate, so you choose to leave this mansion. But your home was broken to by another assassin.

The killer is readily defeated by you. The 3 women create an offer that surprises you and comes.

Protect my Love Gameplay

Genius’s simulation games often have similar gameplay. The game gives you stories and situations. You need to choose one of three lines to communicate with the characters in the game.

A “knot” option can take you to another end, so you can end the story the way you want. Despite the simple gameplay (including images, text, and sound only), the fact that visual novel games require a lot of investment in the plot. The plot must have many knots, bringing many surprises to the player.

This is an important factor that helps Genius’s game attract a large number of players around the globe.

Some special choices (called Premium Choices) require you to use ruby to unlock. When using our Protect my Love Mod Premium Choices, you can choose for free. All premium choices.

Protect my Love Characters

When playing Protect my Love, you will have the opportunity to meet and date three beautiful girls. Here is some of their information:

1-:Julia: The oldest girl in the family. She is a strong person, always taking responsibility for herself and not trusting anyone else. She can do anything to protect her two younger sisters. Julia really is the dream wife of many guys. Can you get her trust?

2-:Cindy: The second sister. Cindy is a wild, generous and energetic girl. She doesn’t like the way Julia always sees her as a child. But Cindy really admires his sister.

3-:Katie: The youngest sister. Katie is a gentle, cute little sister. But like Arya Stark, she always wanted to avenge her parents. Katie is angry at her two sisters for thinking they don’t want revenge. And she asked you that. Do you want to help her?

Protect my Love


Speaking about pictures, Shield my Enjoy has sharp 2D arcade images. Genius knows the way to design characters. The women have a look. They have a voice that is adorable. I believe that they are fantasy girls of almost any man.

Protege mi amor es donde puedes descubrir historias interesantes entre el asesino y tres bellas damas. Cada niña tiene su propia historia, que usted es la única que puede descubrir a través de conversaciones con cada persona. Descarga este juego directamente en tu teléfono para divertirte saliendo.

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