MT Manager APK MOD v2.11.8 Free Download (VIP Unlocked)

MT Manager
NameMT Manager
Genre Tools
OS RequiredAndroid 4.0+
MOD InfoVIP Unlocked
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Updated May 26, 2023 (2 days ago)
Download (10M)

MT Manager MOD APK is here for you to download and enjoy the premium management features and editing functions. Join the platform to help your device with a better life in every detail.

  • All previous features
  • Vip Unlocked
  • Support Root/Non Root
  • Login Required
  • If VIP lost after App Restart , Go to Profile and Refresh


The smartphone industry is getting bigger day by day, and it also lets you enjoy the features of new and latest innovations in technology. We know that we want to experience a lot, and so to get the taste of every new application, file, video, picture, audio, etc., comes to find a space in our devices. However, it creates chaos in your device, which makes it hard for us to find files and perform random functions on devices. MT Manager MOD APK is here to sort out all such issues that could arise in your device out of management. It’s one of the brilliant apps that simply controls and manages all kinds of files and functions in the devices for better optimization and arrangements. This will help in the better organization of the files, audios, videos, and their attached functions, along with so to offer a free flow of work. Download it here for the epic management of the files and data along with the best of the editing in all formats of multimedia. You can manage files, modify software and apps, edit text, apks, videos, and audio files, docs, translating applications, etc., randomly, edit, delete, copy, paste, align, sort, etc., all related files functions you can perform on the fly. Copy, move, and delete all kinds of files with root privilege and access the system directory.

MT Manager

Remount file system, decompress files, modify and adjust file permissions, and easily remove, delete, send, move, copy, paste, and edit all external files to ZIP without decompression or repackaging. It’s a well-rounded application that is also a text editor, picture viewer, audio and video player, FTP connection, view storage device, bookmark, etc. APKS editor like arsc editor, dex editor, XML, sign Apks, Optimize Apks, and a lot more to do!

MT Manager MOD APK

MT Manager MOD APK is an alternate variant of the original application, which comes with epic functions and editing features for better optimization as well as the management of files. The best of organizer for files, multimedia, and also a great editor that makes device performance epic. In this modified variant, all the premium apks editing and tools are unlocked for free, upgraded functions, and a premium platform for storage access. Ad blocked environment where users get to experience the modified features, and you can edit text, picture views, video and audio player, font preview, script executer, FTP connections, etc. download it from here if you are really serious about the management of your devices and its optimization for a better experience. It manages and organizes things in the most arranged way, so you don’t miss out on anything. All bugs and error codes are resolved as well as security options for better stability of your devices when installing this version.


MT Manager MOD APK is here for you to download and enjoy the premium management features and editing functions. Join the platform to help your device with a better life in every detail. So if you want to really manage your device and enjoy the organized approach, then install the app, as it will simplify things to the next level;

MT Manager

File management and organization

MT Manager MOD APK is a great application if you can extract its full potential. The app is best in all kinds of management as well as organizing files to the next level of discipline in the system. First, the app requires the root privilege to perform its functions, and so it’s evidently clear that you can access system storage. Apply the tools and find everything you can look for, delete, move, copy, paste, edit, etc., all kinds of functions to files and multimedia. Enjoy performing all kinds of stuff and storage in the devices.

System directory and modifications

You can enjoy the classic management of files and media on your device with random options available. It lets you modify the files and system and lets you access the system directory and device storage. Remount the file system as read and write, the new addition of options like modification of permission and storage. It also lets you translate applications and modifying software to employ the basic tules and enjoy the best of the functions. The app lets you simply access and customize the file format and functions.

Premium editing of apks and text, others

MT Manager MOD APK brings much more to the serving than expected. It lets you easily edit texts, watch previews, picture viewer, script executer, font preview, audio player, etc., kind of system adjustments and customizing options for users. Users also have access to view storage devices, bookmarks, backgrounds, FTP connectons, and more to manage your device with premium functions and quality exclusively. Apart from all such features, you can easily edit APKS in various ways and align things to your choice.

Decompress files in ZIP and functions without ZIPS decompression

One of the advantages is that you can edit APKs, sign APKs, optimize APKs, clone APKs, confuse APKs resources, translate applications, remove signature verification, etc. However, the editing options are of pro, where you can edit features like dex editor, arsc editor, XML editor, and more. You can also make use of the platform to open the ZIP file like WinRAR and can edit, move, delete, paste, copy, send, etc., all kinds of functions without decompressing or repackaging the ZIP files. Also, you can decompress the ZIP files here.

MT Manager


Download MT Manager MOD APK to have the epic management and organization of your device functions, files, and multimedia, etc. the application is a one-stop solution for all those looking for something great and adjustable. It is not just a management app but also brings the editing options of pro levels like no other in these categories. So basically, you can edit files, multimedia, video, and audio, Apks, decompress ZIP, move and delete files, etc. However, the application brings so much to the table that your device becomes the best in various possibilities and optimizations. This mod version explores and gets for free all premium tools and functions for the app to employ for free.

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