Mi Control Center APK MOD v18.4.6 Free Download (Pro/Premium Unlocked)

NameMi Control Center
Genre Personalization
OS RequiredAndroid 4.0+
MOD InfoPro/Premium Unlocked
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Updated May 26, 2023 (2 days ago)
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Mi Control Center MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a powerful app that helps you manage your devices and home automation system from a single interface.

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About Mi Control Center

The Mi Control Center app is a must-have for any Xiaomi user. It allows you to control all of your Xiaomi devices from one central location. With the app, you can view device status, receive notifications, and even remotely control some devices.

With the app, you can add and remove devices, create rules and schedules, and monitor the status of your home automation system. You can also use the app to monitor activity in your home, such as when doors and windows are opened and closed.

In addition, the Mi Control Center app supports multiple languages, making it easy to use no matter where you are. With its comprehensive features and ease of use, the Mi Control Center app is an essential tool for anyone who wants to manage their home automation system.


Powerful options to customize mobile

Mi Control Center is an app that allows users to customize their mobile devices in various ways. The app provides several powerful options for users to choose from, including the ability to customize the home screen, notification area, and lock screen.

In addition, users can also select which apps they would like to have access to from the Control Center. The app also allows users to create custom themes and wallpapers and even set up custom shortcuts. With so many options available, Mi Control Center makes it easy for users to tailor their mobile experience exactly to their needs.


Control Center for all devices

The Mi Control Center app is designed to give users complete control over all of their devices. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop, the app can be used to manage and monitor activity. The app provides a central location for all of your device’s settings, allowing you to customize them to your needs easily.


In addition, the app features many powerful tools that can be used to troubleshoot and optimize your devices. Whether looking for a way to improve battery life or fix a software issue, the Mi Control Center premium apk is an essential tool for any user.

Dedicated music player

Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and there are various ways to enjoy it. For many people, listening to music is an integral part of their daily routine. And while there are many ways to listen to music – from streaming services to radio stations – some people prefer to use dedicated music players. These players offer several benefits, including the ability to store a large number of songs and the ability to customize playback settings.

The Mi Control Center app includes a dedicated music player that offers all of these features and more. With its simple interface and customizable options, the Mi Control Center music player is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite tunes.


Expand for more actions

The Mi Control Center app is a great way to control your home while you’re away. With the app, you can set timers, create rules, and even override existing rules. You can also view your home’s energy usage and adjust your settings to save money on your next bill.

Plus, the app can be used to monitor your home’s security, so you can be sure that your family is safe while you’re away. The Mi Control Center pro apk is a must-have for any busy homeowner.


Keep your notifications organized

In today’s constantly connected world, it’s easy to become bogged down by a never-ending stream of notifications. From texts and emails to social media updates and weather alerts, our phones are constantly buzzing with new information.

However, this constant barrage of notifications can quickly become overwhelming. That’s where Mi Control Center comes in. This app allows users to take control of their notifications, and customize them to suit their needs.

With Mi Control Center, users can choose which apps send notifications and determine how those notifications are displayed. For example, users can opt to receive vibes only for important messages or disable all sounds and vibrations for certain apps.


In addition, the app also allows users to schedule when certain notifications will be turned off, such as during work hours or overnight. As a result, Mi Control Center provides a much-needed respite from the never-ending stream of notifications.

Choose the toggles you want

The Mi Control Center app gives you complete control over the toggles on your Xiaomi phone. You can add, remove, and rearrange the toggles to suit your needs. The app also allows you to customize the order in which the toggles appear.

To get started, open the Mi Control Center app and tap the “Toggles” tab. You will see a list of all the available toggles. To add a toggle, simply tap on it and then tap “Add Toggle.” To remove a toggle, tap on it and then tap “Remove Toggle”. Once you have added or removed all the toggles you want, tap “Done” to save your changes.


The next time you open the notification panel, you will see your custom toggles in the order you specified. With Mi Control Center, you can easily customize the toggles on your Xiaomi phone to suit your needs.

Switch and arrange your layouts

Mi Control Center is a highly useful and user-friendly app that allows you to switch and arrange your layouts quickly. Mi Control Center’s main interface consists of a series of large, colorful buttons that let you quickly access your most commonly used apps and features.

You can also use Mi Control Center to create custom layouts for specific tasks or activities. For example, you can create a layout that includes all of the apps and features you need for working out or one that’s optimized for watching movies. Mi Control Center is an essential tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Android device.

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