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Legendary Heroes
NameLegendary Heroes
Genre Casual, Multiplayer
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/Gold
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Updated May 26, 2023 (6 days ago)
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Every war has its own hero …
Some heroes become a legend. The biggest battle has started yet.
Heroes from all over the universe are invited to show their power and prove which one is the best team.

Welcome to the world of heroes. Do you want to be a man of extraordinary strength, join the fight and become the most active fighter in the world?

Legendary Heroes

Or do you just want to find a challenging fighting game and look forward to exciting gameplay moments? Legendary hero MOBA, a very familiar MOBA-style game released by Monster, will definitely give you the most amazing experience!

When you participate in the game, you get a certain amount. First of all, you will be trained to understand how to play. Then you can control the game independently as you want, extremely simple right?

Every War Has Its Heroes …

In fact, the game is not as simple as you think! You can match a single or combination. The server will select your opponents and allies for you. You can select any hero for battle, and when you start, your hero is at level 1. There are about 40 different types of maps, and when you level up, you’ll be able to open up the level, new stuff. Map 1vs1, Map 2v2, … and maps have different sizes according to each match.

But whatever the size, you will also have allies and rivals. Each side will have the main base and one or more bastions. Your mission is to successfully destroy the enemy’s main base. Each hero will have four different types of skills, and each level reaches a certain level of skill.

Legendary Heroes

After using each skill, it will take some time to recover. Make the most of your skills. Each side will have a flock of soldiers appearing in a circle, do not face them face to face, wait for your minions, and you will stand behind your army to defeat the enemy forces.

When attacking the enemy turret, just wait for your minions to reach the enemy turret and go to destroy it, if all the minions were damaged, leave immediately. Because you are sure to die before the blood falls. Even after death, you can immediately revive in the back of your head, so don’t waste your time.

If you run out of blood, you can go back to the main house to heal. Use the appropriate skills and time to push the column, destroy the enemy, etc. The strategy is important to help you win the final.

Some Heroes Become Legends-:

After participating in real-time matches with players from all over the world, you will receive large amounts of gold and diamonds.

Collect them and use them to turn them into heroes stores you love. There are many types of heroes with special skills, shooters, tankers, mage, gladiator, … you choose the type of heroes you like and play the most hands to use offline.

Also, the heroes also have beautiful dresses, which are bought with diamonds. It is not easy to use a new organization, but if you want, try to make yourself a good organization.

Legendary Heroes

3D Graphics

The game has a 2D graphic design, with color tones varying according to the battle terrain. However, in general, the tone of the game is quite suitable for this type of dangerous fighting game. The characters in a variety of shapes and styles, beautiful, fierce, fairy, ghost, … It may be you do not think, but no character cannot appear.

MOBA, Action Real-Time Strategy
For the first time on Android, experience the action real-time strategy (Action RTS) game.
If you enjoy MOBA games, you will love the legendary heroes!

INTENSE Actions and Touch Control
Quick and fast matching with touch control to suit Android MOBA experience.

Hero with a unique special powder
4 unique special abilities per character.

Keep Progress Across Content
Maintain the flat progress of each hero during matches and develop as many of them as you want.

Play hobby play in camp mode
The 40 maps provide unique MOBA challenges for all players – beginners or veterans.

Legendary Heroes

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