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NameKilling Kiss
Genre Simulation
OS RequiredAndroid 4.0+
MOD InfoPremium Choice free
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Updated May 26, 2023 (2 days ago)
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killing kiss; bl story mod apk brings its critical yet loving moments to enjoy with incredible features that it offers to go on in these love scenarios. Explore the below listed few topics to deal with the game.

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we have seen many games talk about love and dating, but it’s different. Filling the voice and void of the new world order where gender are growing in numbers, and everyone wants to have their own take on things as they want. Since the world is all about the choices and the possible choices that everyone makes with no restriction at all. In freedom and democratic world, everyone has their own set of individual choices to make and enjoy life the way they love. Killing kiss is an approach and way to describe and explore a boy’s love and intense moments. With authentic and classy elements cherishing the moments of the hottest boys dating and making love in varied ways. The hottest and most handsome guys as you can choose and explore their diverse stories. Anything can happen anytime, so it’s descriptive that you would love to have intense moments to experience from your perceptions.

Killing Kiss

Everybody’s free to choose and live their own ways, so users would easily have love towards boys exploring the female audience personally to enjoy. Choose the kind of boys, their costumes, looks, hair, and more, then customize the boys as you would like. Doing so in their own perception of the story, users will have individual choices to make in the forward momentum that takes them in new exploration. Killing kiss; bl story brings you the fun and awesome experience of dealing with boys’ stories. Two choices in every step, and one you have to make at random. Apply the choice and look at what the story has for you to describe. The intimate moments, an abundance of love, costumes and outfits, designed accessories, and more to enjoy in the effects of the game. The actual taste of authentic dating simulation where several elements bring ultimate fun.

Killing kiss; bl story mod apk

killing kiss is a simulation of dating and stories that bring you immense joy in making boy love and its development as the story goes ahead. With severe critical and assertive elements in the game, users want more and more thrills as the game goes on. So to complete that, in-app purchase and unlocking vip stories is required for money since it’s not easy at all to invest that much money without any issue for the gamers in all sections. So we come into existence, making you enjoy every game core without investing money. You will get all the unlocked characters, costumes, boys, looks, beards, and complimentary accessories in the gameplayalso free shopping to buy anything as equipment or designs to apply. Vip stories are unlocked here for free, so users enjoy them with premium services and gameplay, along with the best safety and security features to enjoy in these variants.


killing kiss; bl story mod apk brings its critical yet loving moments to enjoy with incredible features that it offers to go on in these love scenarios. Explore the below listed few topics to deal with the game.

Killing Kiss

The intense moments and development of love

this incredible stop of a dating simulation in the story concept has its own love and effective measure to enjoy. This stop brings users a new world order for those who have their own choices, those who don’t leave them at all. No matter what, the line that goes on and deals with heavy upcoming obstacles and scenarios with love and care. Nurturing here the bond of love which is selfless and recently with the ongoing demands exploring the boys’ love development. People would definitely fall in love with the secret moments, nuances in relationships, dating like real, and some of the best modes to deal with issues that the real world faces.

Vip and premium stories to describe and explore

this game has it all for the people to enjoy the authentic happening in the time and period. Pure love gets nurtured here with several elements of emotion, including flights, mental scenes, drama, aggression, sadness, grace, moments, abundance, care and more. Some of the stories are premium and bring thrills that capture your heart, so unlock them for in-app purchases or subscriptions. You will have the choices of stories fulfilling different emotions and adventures of love to experience in them. At every step, based on choices, the narrative goes on, and users get to explore the limitless love and moments cherishable for life. Users will get to select the story they want to be a part of; otherwise, various are available to switch among.

Custom characters and accessories

the gameplay brings the ultimate pleasure of dealing with critical issues and problems through love and care. Here various hottest characters and handsome hunks are available to choose from, and design them as per your choices. You can select anyone you want and play the narratives based on the choices. Fully customizable tools are available so you can choose colours, skin tones, hair, makeup, style, outfits, clothing, shoes, and other accessories for all the characters. Unlock better ones and critical looks, choose beards or shaved, macho man or gentleman, anything to start. The story continues, and you are stuck with two choices in every step to make one out of them and move the story forward.

Killing Kiss


download killing kiss; bl story mod apk to experience the joy of boy love and dating that gets developed over time, so you enjoy the nuances of relationship and love. It doesn’t matter who takes on their chances, but the pleasure is for sure to enjoy. With premiere elements and love, these vip stories are incredible to enjoy and immerse you into the endless format of love. In this mod version, you will get to enjoy the gameplay unlocked to the core possibility of love and vip stories that make thrilling concepts to enjoy. Come and get your part in the promising future of these stories.

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