FMWhatsApp APK MOD v9.45 Free Download (Version May 2023)

Genre Social Media
OS RequiredAndroid 4.0+
MOD InfoVersion May 2023
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Updated June 2, 2023 (8 hours ago)
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Download FM Whatsapp APK latest version 2022 free for Android. Here On this page, we have managed to share the latest and tested version along with older versions of FM Whatsapp. So don’t miss out – download FM WhatsApp right now!

Emojis Variant FM Whatsap

Download FMWHatsApp APK Latest Version

Download FMWHatsApp APK Latest Version. MODs are always a great option over an original app. if you are using WhatsApp mods and looking for a new one, then FMWhatsapp is the best choice. FMWhatsapp will make things easy for you. FMWhatsapp provides a lot of features that the original WhatsApp app would not give you. Features like customization, privacy, and much more to give its users new experiences of using the WhatsApp app. FMWhatsapp APK Download from our website.

There is a reason why people always use mods apk rather than the original app. User experience with the MOD APK enhances the overall user experience. MOD Developers modify the current features and always add new features to the app. This is why most people insist on using Whatsapp MOD APKs. GB Whatsapp, FMWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, And OG Whatsapp are some of the popular MODs Of Whatsapp. These MOD Apks are not available on google play and play Store. Our website provides this MOD asks. Download These Mods’ latest versions on our website.


What is FMWhatsapp?

FMWhatsapp is a modified version of the original Whatsapp with lots of new user experiences. The original WhatsApp contains no bugs, but lack of some features, it becomes useful to use the app. FMWhatsapp provides useful features that are not present in the original WhatsApp app. It does not even matter whether we are using an original WhatsApp app or a MOD. We always search for the best app, which provides the best features. There are lots of Whatsapp MOD APKs available on the internet today, some of them are a copy of the original app that does not have new features, and some of them are fake. Therefore, we have decided to collect such WhatsApp MOD from trusted sources and make it easily available to you.

Amazing Features Of FMWhatsApp (Latest Version)

It is always said that MODs are always a great option over an original app. With the increasing demand from users for privacy and new features, users tend to use mods of the WhatsApp App instead of the original version. This is because mods are providing new features that are not present in the original one. Therefore we have mentioned here some features of FMWhatsapp. I am sure that you will love these features and surly try FMWhatsapp.


Privacy Features Of FMWhatsApp Apk

Freeze your Last Scene:

Some users always want to hide their last seen in WhatsApp chats. Officially, the original Whatsapp app provides you that you can turn off your last seen on WhatsApp. Still, on the contrary, you would not see other people’s last seen on Whatsapp too, FMWhatsapp will allow you to see other users last seen while others would not be able to see your last seen. FMWhatsapp APK Download.

To enable this feature, click on the three dots on the top right corner of FMWhatsApp, tap on Fouad mods> Privacy> click on freeze last seen.

Hide view status in FMWhatsApp:

This is again an important feature of FMWhatsapp. Most people prefer MOD because of the enhanced features it offers regarding their privacy. With the help of this feature, people who have posted stories on their status would not be able to know that you are viewing their status.

Show Blue ticks after Reply:

You might find this feature of FMWhatsapp significant as it lets you go completely stealthy without even letting your friends that you are online and reading their messages but not replying to them. Many times we receive messages, we read them, but because of some reason, we can not be able to reply to them. So, what is the solution to that?. With the help of FMWhatsApp, the sender will only see blue ticks when you reply to them and not by only viewing the message.


Hide delivered and blueTick:

This is also another best feature of FMWhatsapp. With the help of this feature, another user will not see delivered and blue tick. You will get messages, and on the other hand, the user will only see blue ticks when you reply to them and not by only viewing the message.

Hide typing and recording action text:

If you are chatting with a person and then turn on this feature, it will not show the person you are chatting with that you are typing or recording a voice message. Privacy in its best form, download FMWhatsApp now and enjoy these exciting features.

Disable Forwarded Tag on Messages:

Whenever we forward any message to friends or any group, there will be a tag that says ‘forwarded’. This sometimes can be irritating. But, with the help of FMWhatsapp, we can forward any messages without letting others know that the messages sent to them are forwarded many times before reaching them.

Anti-Delete status:

Anti-delete status is again one of the greatest features available in the FMWhatsapp. If someone posts a story on the status section and deletes the story after it is posted, the story will be deleted and no one can watch it. But here with the help of FMWhatsapp, You will see other people’s stories even after they delete them.

Anti-Delete Messages:

Like anti delete status feature, FMWhatsapp also comes with the anti-delete message feature. If the sender, after sending a message, deletes the message, it will appear for the receiver as ‘this message was deleted,’ and thus, he won’t be able to know what sender had sent the message. With the help of FMWhatsapp, you will be able to see the deleted message.


In FMWhatsapp you will be able to Customize many features, for example, themes. there are 100+ themes in FMWhatsapp. there are new wallpapers are also available. you can change language and you can also change the font style in FMWhatsapp. You can also upload status of 7 minutes and you will be able to see deleted messages and status. and this all is free. No need to spend a single penny, It’s all free. FMWhatsapp APK Download.


Installation Guide

  • First of all, uninstall or disable the official WhatsApp or older FMWhatsApp APK (if installed).
  • Now click on the above link to do FMWhatsApp new version APK download.
  • Save the APK file in your device storage.
  • Open Android Settings and then Security Settings.
  • Scroll down and find Device Administration options.
  • Enable the option that says, “install apps from unknown sources.”
  • If you get any pop-up, just click on OK.

The Final Words

Whatsapp has always been we love it using this, but being an official version makes it put some limitations on it but don’t worry. “FMWhatsApp” simply be greater than the official version of WhatsApp with its awesome features. It is just like giving the users full freedom. So go give it a shot, believe me, you would not stop using it once you install it. Download FMWhatsapp now from the links given in the middle of the article.

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