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Clean Master
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Updated May 26, 2023 (2 days ago)
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Clean Master MOD APK is the No 1. tool to clean the unwanted and junk files from the Android device. Most viruses and malware stay in device files. This cleaner will find the junk files with the deepest cleaning mode. It will recommend to you the already used files.

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Clean Master MOD APK is the perfect tool to destroy all junk files from Android devices. Malware and viruses are automatically injected into the untrusted application. When you start viewing unwanted and untrusted websites without your permission, one application has been installed. Sometimes the user clicks the download button, but the downloaded file is different. Click install to installation has started. That installed application does not contain an icon picture. Then the installation is complete, and the user cannot uninstall the application. Because malware started the work to control your mobile. Not only websites but there are also many chances available to malware enter your device.

Clean Master

So security reasons, I am introducing Clean Master MOD APK tool for you. This is the perfect and suitable tool to destroy all malware from Android devices. Most security applications need to root your device. Everyone is not able to root their mobile. So the application launched this application for root and no-rooted devices. Both users can use this application without limitations. When the user start plays the game on mobile, the device has increased up to 42 degrees. That will not be healthier for device performance and battery life. Use this application to control your device heating problem. Stop the unwanted and background working process to avoid heating issues.

Clean Master MOD APK help to save your battery level draining. Most of the time, without reason, your device battery drain up to 10 to 15%. Standard users cannot identify the mobile problem. Background usage is the main reason for battery draining. After installing this application, ready to stop your mobile background process in unwanted times. A cooling system is also introduced in this application. When your device faces heating issues, the application help to reduce the heating. Monitor section appears the device heating degree, better percentage, virus notification, and more.

Clean Master

Master of clean

Clean Master MOD APK is the No 1. tool to clean the unwanted and junk files from the Android device. Most viruses and malware stay in device files. This cleaner will find the junk files with the deepest cleaning mode. It will recommend to you the already used files. Yes, it will detect the used files. So if you don’t want that files, just one tap to remove the files. Once you see any thumbnail images in file managers, they will be stored in the device. It will detect those created unwanted thumbnails from the device. Inside, the tool was made with a deep clean artificial intelligence program. So it will be easier to detect the junk items.

Clean Master MOD APK completely removes all unwanted files within a second. So the application is called by the master of cleaner. After installing the application, you need to open the app. It will ask you for some permission to scan media files from your device. It will take few seconds to scan the whole device files. After tap the Clicked button, it will start the brush icon to the cleaning function. scanning function completion, the brush icon will appear with a red-colored background. , Cleaning function completion, The background will change the red color into blue color. Now user device will be standard without any junk files.

Free anti-virus

Clean Master MOD APK provides a free anti-virus tool with advanced features. Usually, anti-virus tools are only available for rooted devices only. But this application supports both rooted and non-rooted devices. No root permission is needed to use this advanced tool. After the cleaning tool detects the virus, this tool will start to destroy the detected viruses. It will take few seconds to eliminate the malware and virus from Android devices. Twenty-four hours the app will detect and secure your mobile with a cleaning tool. Background process forever running during device on or off mode.

When the user installs a new application in Android, the tool will start detecting the malware. Most malware is injected from a third-party application. It will not be viewable for all users. But Clean Master MOD APK easier to find malware and virus. With the anti-virus application, you never need to worry about virus problems and junk files problem.

Clean Master

Boost mobile

Clean Master MOD APK helps to boost your mobile 4X speed. There are many applications on your mobile that will help to stop your mobile performance. So need to uninstall the new application and games from your device. The unused applications will start working in the background. Always unwanted background processes kill the mobile performance. Defeat all ram using the process to free up the device RAM. After cleaning up all background usage, you can test the speed test by using the application. A speed test tool also has been added to the application. So no need to download a specific application to test the device’s performance.

Battery saver

In the middle of this Clean Master MOD APK article, I discussed the background running process information. Not only affect the device’s performance, but it will also drain the battery. Faster to drain the battery level by the malware. Also, the junk files have been decreasing the battery life. Hibernate the background process application to save the current battery percentage and extend your battery life. Battery life is a must for everyone, and the over-draining will destroy the life of the battery. Also, the user can hibernate the running applications manually.

Game master

Clean Master MOD APK becomes the best game master tool and provides faster performance while playing any game. Click add games button to add multiple games. So when you start the game, the application will start works to stop the unwanted performance. Killing the background process to provide a fantastic game performance. After entering the game, the notification bar explores some details about the game. That information like battery level, processor heating level, playing game FPS, and current time. Most of the features are covered in this application.

Clean Master

Optimized features

Clean Master MOD APK provides many optimized features for every user. The application will help you to prevent overcharging. Most people forget to watch the battery charge level during the charging time. So this application will help you to show the overcharge information by sending a notification. Privacy is the primary matter for everyone so the application will provide an inbuild app lock with privacy. No one can watch and use your privacy. Cleaning junk tool now perfectly optimized. So unwanted messages, duplicate contacts, and expired logs also has been removed.


Overall, we covered all detailed information about Clean Master MOD APK. This is an excellent tool for protecting your device from viruses and malware. Boost the device performance to work the smartphone smoother. By using the game mode to play the all game without getting slow performance and lags. From the original version of the application, you need to buy a VIP subscription and watch annoying advertisements. Use our MOD version to get a VIP subscription for free and advertisements removed. Download the MOD version from the below article available links.

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